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Cherry Haven is your place for fresh pick your own cherries!


Cherry Haven is a family-owned u-pick cherry orchard, overlooking the picturesque Yarra Valley of Victoria from the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Less than an hour's drive from the Melbourne CBD you will find delicious tree-ripened cherries awaiting you. Cherry Haven is perfectly situated for producing quality cherries with the added benefit of great views and a delightful countryside envioronment. Delicious juicy cherries grown as naturally and chemical free as we can, that you can pick yourself. 

The excitment of picking your own cherries is like a treasure hunt, only in this game EVERYONE WINS! Explore over 30 different types of cherries in the orchard, and taste and find just the ones that YOU like best. Each week another few varieties of cherries ripen and soon get picked, so every time you come the cherries available are different with one of God's most sought after fruit treasures waiting for you.


 But, don't be left out. The cherry picking season can be VERY short, as little as 4 weeks! (2007)


"But I don't know much about cherries!" you say? Well visit our "About Cherries" pages for information about the types of cherries you will find at Cherry Haven as well as scrumptious recipes for you to try when you get home. Picking fresh cherries is a great family activity, or a romantic time for a couple, or come yourself and enjoy the peace & quiet of our orchard. Come give it a try! 


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