How to pick cherries...



Now this is HOW to pick cherries...

Hold the cherry stalk close to the bud between your thumb & forefinger. 
TWIST the cherry stalk away from the bud
(cherries with stalks on keep longer)
Place cherries in bucket gently to avoid bruising



This is how NOT
to pick cherries

PLEASE do not BREAK the bud off the tree

A broken bud can never grow cherries again...
If you see a bare branch, this is where someone has previously picked off all the buds
If we see many leaves on the ground, we know you are not picking properly, and we may ask you to leave the orchard!
PLEASE tell your friends "Don't pick the buds!"


Use ladders to reach the high cherries

but think

Face the ladder UP or DOWN the hill
The centreline of the ladder must be VERTICAL

Do not climb onto the top rung

If in doubt, please ask us for advice


There are plenty of ladders around the orchard, so PLEASE
do NOT climb the trees.....
It may be fun, but it breaks branches, knocks off new shoots, and may also cause you to be asked to leave the orchard.....

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